by Lonker See



released February 7, 2020

Band fb - www.facebook.com/LonkerSee/
Label fb - www.facebook.com/antenakrzyku/

For physical copy go to Antena Krzyku web page --> www.antenakrzyku.pl

1 and 7 recorded at Tall Pine Studio by Haldor Grunberg
2-6 recorded at Custom 34 by Łukasz Kumański
Mix and mastering Haldor Grunberg
Album artwork and design - Joanna Kucharska

Released by Antena Krzyku february 7, 2020


all rights reserved



Lonker See Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland


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Track Name: Infinite Garden
Infinite garden

day's not over just yet
think we still have some time
come with me through the gate
there's a place we can hide

every path splits in three
every three split in nine
don't try counting your steps
don't try tracing your line

quiet branches of birch
pick the thread of your clothes
patient carpets of grass
mute the sound of your soles

turn your eyes to the green
close your eyes in the light
touch the veins of a leaf
pass the curtain of vine

lilie, iris, anis,
rosemary and thyme
ivy, daisy, primrose,
locked forever in time
Track Name: Hamza

I know for sure rivers' sister flows underground
I know for sure that she's there, hundred miles wide
slowly so slowly she goes, seeping through soil
taking with her all that's lost, all that is gone

you know those nights without light of the moon or the stars
you can try putting your ear down to the ground
making the loudest of noises and patiently wait
for the sound to bounce and come back, echo from a wave

and soon i'll go down to her, I know for sure
I'll go and swim in the water so dark and so pure
she'll wash away all my sins, down to the sea
let me dissolve in the water, let me be free
Track Name: Put Me Out
put me out
like a flame
call my name
call my name
Track Name: Open & Close
Open & Close

sunrise after sunset
steady it goes
sunset after sunrise
open and close

golden crown growing
closer it's flowing
blooms of june flaming
open hearts boiling
this moment
time to choose your end
under the sun

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